Mold Making

We are one of the best pioneers in manufacturing plastic injected molds industry. Furthermore our experience has making us professional and well-known. We have complete and precise facilities to provide fast service with high quality molds to customers.

GT makes early involvement on mechanic design and cosmetic DFM discussion. These are essential preparation for making precision injected molds !

Plastic Injection

GT provides single and double injection services. Our effective operating method and supply chain give us the superior strength to produce quality products with reasonable price at shortest lead-time. Single plastic injection

Machine (TON) Quantity
50 T ~ 120 T 9
130 T ~ 180 T 3
200 T ~ 250 T 3
350 T 1
Total 16

Double / 2K molding

Machine (TON) Quantity
160 T 1
210 T 2
Total 3